nginx 0.8.20

话说nginx更新的也太快了点吧Nginx(engine x)是一个高性能的HTTP和反向代理服务器,也是一个IMAP/POP3/SMTP代理服务器. Nginx是由Igor Sysoev为俄罗斯访问量第二的Rambler.ru站点开发的,它已经在该站点运行超过两年半了.其特点是占有内存少,并发能力强,事实上Nginx 的并发能力确实在同类型的网页伺服器中表现较好。目前中国大陆使用Nginx网站用户有:新浪、网易、腾讯,另外知名的微网志Plurk也使用 Nginx.

Change Log

* Change: now default SSL ciphers are “HIGH:!ADH:!MD5″.
* Bugfix: the ngx_http_autoindex_module did not show the trailing slash in links to a directory; the bug had appeared in 0.7.15.
* Bugfix: nginx did not close a log file set by the –error-log-path configuration option; the bug had appeared in 0.7.53.
* Bugfix: nginx did not treat a comma as separator in the “Cache-Control” backend response header line.
* Bugfix: nginx/Windows might not create temporary file, a cache file, or “proxy/fastcgi_store”d file if a worker has no enough access rights for top level directories.
* Bugfix: the “Set-Cookie” and “P3P” FastCGI response header lines were not hidden while caching if no “fastcgi_hide_header” directives were used with any parameters.
* Bugfix: nginx counted incorrectly disk cache size.

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