Bought a server from, and the price is good, it only cost me $35.00 per month. It seem every thing is right, however, I should warning you that, never, mever, never buy any server from this company. I prepaid when there was that huge LEB sale, after several weeks they never delivered, unless, I filing a disputes on Paypal. Then one of their employee send a email to me, and said my server is set up. So I close my disputes, and enjoy my server.
But two days ago, my server is done, I open a ticket to ask boot my server. and it seems I’m just being ignored. So I emailed them directly, opened several tickets. but they never responded to tickets and have refused to reimburse my account.
So I should Tell you stay a away from this company! only if yoy have lots money to waste.
if you check WHT, there is one reveiw here Review Commercial Media / Megacolo it seems everyone have same problem.

Author: Lei

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