RapidXen/Nerios VPS的一些消息


First thing — we are presently having a yearly upgrade sale for
existing customers who wish to upgrade or add on an additional VPS.

The breakdown for this sale is:

128MB-192MB VPS plans: 15% discount (extra 5% off!)
256MB-384MB VPS plans: 20% discount (extra 10% off!)
512MB+ VPS plans: 25% discount (extra 15% off!)

We also have a 1024MB/20GB plan that we can offer at the same pricing as
the highest 512MB plan. Open a trouble ticket for details on that.
Yearly prepayment is required.

If you would like to upgrade to yearly pricing to get this discount,
then please open a trouble ticket.

We will be offering upgrades for gameserver customers as well in a week
or so.

Open a trouble ticket at http://manage.systeminplace.net/ if you are
interested in this holiday pricing.

Second thing — Customers who are in our deprecated Fremont location
(being phased out December 19th) will be receiving their IP allocations
for the new datacenter later this week.

Third thing — we will be performing some maintenance on the Chicago
installation soon. More details will be sent out in the next day or so,
once we have everything planned. This maintenance will increase
performance of the cluster and allow us to filter DDoS attacks more

Fourth thing — we will be upgrading our server cluster to Xen 3.4 soon.
This will allow us to provide you with new features, like PV-GRUB and
will also provide us with performance data for fully virtualized VMs, a
feature that is frequently requested.

Author: Lei

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